Saturday, November 10, 2012

​​Movember on Etsy

I loved the idea of ​​Movember on Etsy!
I saw it on the Citrus Cat

Welcome to November - the month of the mustache!

I invite you to ​​the Movember Flash Mob!

Post Movember idea and show links to your Movember posts here.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The handmade dolls.

Recently, I absolutely charmed with the handmade dolls.

Soft, gentle, sweet. I love the doll in a primitive, minimalist style.

Something like the Waldorf style and Tilda style dolls. I can not choose between them, and probably it is not necessary. These dolls ake cozy and gentle mood in the house. Of course children can play with them. But it is so nice to have them for adult girls!

Dolls are very different - textile and knitted dolls, sad and playful dolls, elegant and rustic dolls, glamorous and domestic dolls. They all tell us about our childhood.

Dolls - a reminder of childhood and may be about your grandmother or other little princesses in the family. They have so much charm and each has its own story.

Just take a look.