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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Coffee Owls Cards Collection

I want to show you my coffee owls cards collection .
Mom owls  and Dad owls, funny little owls - they are so cute and a little foolish.

For these cards I paint the paper with the strong coffee. I really like the uneven filling of staining. Besides cards smell of coffee so romantic and cozy.

Here's my owl family:

Romantic owls

Absolutely, they are the owls in love. The Wedding is coming soon?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Christmas cards

The Postcards appeared in my store! Now is not a lot of cards but I'm in the process!
I loved to draw cards!

This is completely handmade. I cut the paper with my hands, cover it coffee, draw a picture.
I try to do my cards maximum close to natural. Use an acid free coffee paper. No printing on postcards, I do not use the printer at all!

Finished cards smell the coffee so enticing! I used the coffee paper before - the smell persists for a long time!

I thought up that all my cards will both cards and miniature paintings. They are a standard size 5"x7" and therefore can be easily put in a frame. I plan to paint more in this cozy coffee style. I hope that will be an excellent collection!

I love the story of this card - simple, homely and eternal. The steps to the house, where a table is covered. Gathered the whole family.
I wish you to be with your family on the Christmas! This is so important!

And a few more