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Friday, January 11, 2013

Mango Farm

I love to sew. Invent designs by myself and design patterns. 
And I'm always in search of beautiful and natural fabrics.I found fabrics that inspire me! I already showed you them in this postYes! Sarongs! 

For some Asian people it is the traditional costume, but also you can use it as a fabric for sewing. 
Sarong is a flat rectangular fabric of about 1 to 2-2,5 yards. This size is enough for dresses, sundresses, skirts, anything alse. I sewed something for my home from this fabric   - delicious pillowcases! Juicy bright colors evoke the creativity and joy. 
I like that the edges of the fabric have an ornament. This gives the product a finished look. Sarongs are often insert the patern of an other color. Thus we will have a combination of patterns with the harmony of colors.I love sarongs! I love this fabric with batik designs! And with pleasure share on Pinterest with ideas how we can use them. 

I opened the shop Mango Farm, where you can order the fabric for your creativity. For my readers, I give a 5% discount. To activate the discount, use the coupon "femalecreator".This cotton batik is perfect for sewing for professionals and beginners. It does not slip, no fray. It's easy and pleasant to work with. The fabric holds its shape and durability.

My dream is to see your new outfits! Home textiles, bags and purses. It will be great!For me is very important that each design is produced in limited quantities. Your product will be Unique!Welcome to the Mango Farm!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ukraine Talent

Last week I joined the community of Ukrainian artists.
Maybe you've even been to Ukraine recently. Euro 2012 was in Ukraine this summer
Oficial blog community is here EtsyUkraineTalent

Ukrainian artist community slogan - "We are few, but we are strong!"
And this is true! Works of masters are talented and nontrivial!.
You can see by yourself.

You can also read what surprises wait for Christmas from Ukrainian talents

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The History Of Newbie

I want to share with you my passion for the last month. I discovered the site

I'm amazed how many talented people from all over the world gathered there! Amazingly beautiful Collage collected from goods on the site. It's just like a quick sets for purchase.

I did not resist and opened a shop for myself. The shop is called MarinaVita, which means marine life. In it, I put my watercolors.
Of course it is not so easy. At the start - zero of sales  , zero feedback too, I hope yet. :) But etsy-life captured me entirely!
I'll try under "the history of newbie" to tell how my business in the shop - my steps on etsy . Hopefully this will be an interesting experience.

Oh, yes - that's my store   MarinaVita

I hope you enjoy!