Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The collection of earrings

I believe that a woman can never have too many shoes, bags and earrings!

When we moved to Asia,  I left my collection of handmade earrings in Europe. I do not know when I see it again.
And now I'm ready to start a new collection of the earrings! The Earrings complement the image. Complete it and talk a lot about the owner.  The Earrings show the temperament and nature of the women. Her mood today.
Jewelry is the perfect gift for your friends and relatives for any occasion. Whether it's a holiday or just a sign of attention . Earrings are not a serious thing, but it brings joy and cheer up!

That's what I love today:

I like the pure colors of  YUNILIsmiles

natural patterns of efiwarsh

Jewels of copper wire from LyamayevaCraft remind me of the elves in the forest, of fairy tales and a handsome prince at the end of the stories

If you wear these earrings, you will want to sing loud songs! Jewelry from MADEbyMADA

 Enamel Earrings from happyment. So simple and so original.

Delicate and light earrings from Stilltreejewellery

Spirit of the East in the earrings from arrabeska

the breathtaking oriental style of RadhikaJewelry

Leather earrings from katrinshine

No simple solutions from LenaMer

Boho Earrings for free girls from daimblond

Succinctly and gracefully from CitrusCat

Where do I start? :))

Another large collection of my pintereste  Earrings


  1. A wonderful review! Many of these I know and love (and want to own; BTW, I have lovely earrings by LenaMer), but some of the artists I have not seen before. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Perfect! Very beautiful finds!!!

  3. so many great earrings! so beautiful and creative!!!

  4. I love these daimblond's earrings and other jewelry in her shop.

  5. Many THANKS for including my lace texture earrings among such awesome shops of talent artists!
    I Love the clean, simple, adorable designs you have chosen to feature!

  6. Great finds! Thank you for featuring my earrings among this loveliness!

  7. Girls love spending money on jewellery. designs of earrings comes in different styles, and are nice with all wears. Earings are very feminine, and durable.

  8. Earrings enhance a women's beauty and the right pair of earrings can make or break a look.