Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to make a button for your blog or shop.

Sometimes we need a button-link from a site or blog to our shop, blog, or another web resource. Now we create the button together!

1. Create an image of your button. 
This can be a drawing, a photo or a text. Prepare an image using Photoshop, Microsof Paint, Microsoft Power Point, or any other image editor that you know how to use.

2. Place the  image on the Internet. 
For example in your blog or on any site for storing images. The most simple
You need a link to your button.

3. Create a button's code:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="http://YOURBUTTONLOCATION.jpgwidth="190px" height="120px"  title="description of the button" alt="description of the button"/></a>

The link will open in a new tab.
Use the "description of the button" - it is useful for the search engines index your site
Determine the width of your button with - width="190px" height="120px"

Here's is my result

Cotton batik fabrics from exotic sarongs

Now you have the code! How to use it:

Copy the code and paste it into your blog or your website.

Example for the Blogger
Design - Add a Gadget - HTML / JavaScript. Paste the code in the opened window and save.

Use and enjoy!