Monday, January 14, 2013

New fabrics in the Mango Farm and a discount to my readers!

New fabrics is in the Batik shop Mango Farm.
I listed 4 new pieces of fabric.

All of these fabrics have a track on the canvas with additional color, which blends perfectly with the main color. So we have two harmonious colors that are easy to combine in sewing.

Teal blue and green combined with black

Passionate red wine combined with a golden ocher

Dark Pink or Coral coupled with burgundy

Sky blue combined with the white lace pattern

The size of the fabrics pieces is  1.3 x2.2 yards (118cm x200cm).
Price is reduced due to the store opening.
Additionally  readers of blog Female Creator have a 5% discount. To activate the discount, use the coupon "FEMALECREATOR".

Welcome to the Mango Farm!


  1. This Dark Pink or Coral coupled with burgundy is adorable. I will buy it as soon as I'll come up with idea what should I do with it :)

  2. Потрясающие цвета и великолепные ткани!!
    Надо срочно придумать что из них можно сшить :)

    1. я вот здесь постепенно делаю подборочку с идеями

  3. These are wonderful, I love them so much.

  4. Replies
    1. think this color is a trend in January