Saturday, October 20, 2012

my first post

Hi! This is my first post in this blog.
I am Marina Vita. The Artist. The Creator. The woman.

My family lives in a journey, now we are staying in Thailand. Thailand inspiring. My beloved husband and my little daughter Anna helping to create.
I am interested in different kinds of art. Now, I enjoy watercolor painting. Later I'll tell you about my other talents may be ;)

English is not my native language. I study it, and sometimes make mistakes. I will be really grateful if you point me to my mistakes.

In the blog I plan to write about women creators.
About the women that create beauty and harmony.
About crafters, hand maders and their works.
There will be interviews with successful women and stories of their career.
Hand Made ideas and inspiration.

Here I am . WELCOME!
Your Marina Vita.

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