Thursday, October 25, 2012

Urban landscapes of Penang

Two months ago, I visited the city of George Town. It is a huge multi-million city on the island of Penang, Malaysia.
The city struck me with its diversity.  The skyscrapers, dilapidated houses of Chinatown, new luxury villas, colorful townhouses ordinary Malays - all of that jast stand near.
Painted his house in crimson, bright blue or lemon yellow is not a problem for these people! They like bright coloures!

At that time I did not planed this blog and didn't want to share photos. But I was so inspired by the architecture of this old colonial town, that painted a few pictures.

In the city are growing old and very large trees. The average diameter of the trunk more than a meter. Malaysians protect these trees as natural monuments.

A Street restaurant with several huge aquariums with live sea delicacies. The Lobsters is about 7.00$ for 100 grams.

We also visited the oldest Asian port on the island of Penang. Lighthouse is thoroughly modern :)

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